Geographic Information System (GIS)

1.GIS Strategic Implementation Planning

Geoscience has a unique strategic planning methodology and the ability to explore new ways for local government departments to use GIS technology to improve efficiency, increase- productivity, and save time, lives, and money. Geoscience delivers tailored solutions for towns, cities, and counties.

2.Data Conversion, Collection, and Creation

Our professional GIS team is skilled in converting paper and digital information into meaningful and reliable GIS databases and data layers. Our services include:
• Scanning
• Geo-referencing
• Data Interpolation and Integration
• CAD to GIS Conversion
• Digitizing to Create Accurate Digital Address Points, Routable Street Centerlines, Building Outlines, Impervious Services, Natural Areas, Police and Fire Districts, and Much More.

3. Data and Database Migration

Our GIS experts assist local government organizations with the migration of data and databases to the industry standard, including ESRI’s ArcGIS Server environment. Our expert team successfully integrates legacy data and databases.

4.Geo-Database Design and Deployment

Our staff has proven expertise in the design and implementation of true enterprise GIS databases.
Geoscience’s dedicated professionals design, configure, construct, and deploy accurate,logical, and physical databases. Services offered by Geoscience include:
• Business Process Rules
• Metadata Services
• Model Connectivity
• Spatial Data Warehousing.

5.GIS Application Development

Our experience and professional services include the design, customization, development, and deployment of true enterprise-wide GIS software solutions. Our understanding of local government operations and business processes has enabled us to develop GIS applications including:
• Desktop GIS
• Web GIS
• Departmental Intranet GIS Solutions
• Google Earth Integration
• Portable (hand-held) Mobile GIS Tools
• Touch Screen GIS Technology
• Routing
• Emergency Notification

6.Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Field Inventory

Our professionals use GPS technology to build accurate digital GIS data. GPS and GIS experts work with our clients to design and collect infrastructure data including:
• Street Centerlines
• Address Points
• Water and Sewer Infrastructure
• Storm water
• Electric Systems
• Natural Gas Networks
• Emergency Response and Patrol
• Districts
• Natural Resources
• Impervious Services
• Other Digital Data Layers

7.GIS Outsourcing and Technical Support Services

Our professionals are available for on-call services and offer hourly and daily rates for GIS consulting services. Our team can create, maintain, and update your GIS data. We can assist with maintaining your cadastral or parcel digital data layer, address points.