Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Policy

Geoscience recognizes the significance of environment, health and safety management as important in maintaining the standards set by the Competent Authorities of UAE Municipalities in order to protect both the employees and the environment as well as to reduce possible safety risks across the Building and Construction Sector’s own activities and employees.

We must be proactive about our safety and that of our team members. Our company is determined to safeguard employee’s health and security, operate the job safely and protect the environment.

Our employees’ safety is the main concern of our company. It is our aim to provide safe, healthy and secure environment for all members of the company as well as to provide adequate control of health and safety risks arising from work activities, by developing and enforcing preventive specific rule measures.  All employees are encouraged to follow safety standards and give their earnest consideration to the rules of safety presented to you in order to eliminate unnecessary risks and make this entity a safe workplace.

Our workplace cleanliness is another important concern of our company. Keeping the project area clean, elegant and hygienic is one of the top priorities of our policy.

Geoscience is committed to apply the following general policy to all of its employees:

  1. Do not perform a job without proper training and personal protective equipment or while impaired by alcohol, drugs or controlled substances.
  2. Stop any job at any time if it believes conditions are unsafe and immediately report any unsafe conduct to a supervisor.
  3. All staff on site always wear seat belts and do not use mobile phones or electronic devices while driving.
  4. Minimizing our environmental impact by preventing pollution and minimizing waste.

Geoscience ensures continuous coordination and cooperation with the concerned authorities in this respect to effectively apply the EHS policy in accordance with the EHS standards laid down in EHSMS B&C Sector, and any other additional standards either included in the contract specification, or agreed on site.

EHS Procedural Arrangements

The aim of our EHS procedural arrangements is to provide a path to workplace safety excellence by making safe behavior and workplace conditions part of the work culture, thus preventing injuries and incidents. The following items are adopted:

  1. Provision of safe systems of work
  2. Safety training
  3. Safety committee
  4. Meetings
  5. Accident reporting
  6. Emergency procedures
  7. Applicable arrangements to protect our working staff, workplace and the environment.